We Do All The Work At Little To No Cost To You!

  • Our research team conducts systematic investigation using a number of public records and internal databases to locate information for unclaimed funds. 

  • Most of the assets we locate are not available by searching the internet. It is unlikely that without the aid of a company like ours, you will able to locate the funds or even be
    notified of their existence by the agency holding them.

  • We provide you with documentation of the amount being held.

  • There is no Up-Front fee. Processing fee will only be due to us when you get PAID.

  • You are not obligated to compensate The Wilson Group in any manner if the money is not collected on your behalf.

  • Our team is available to begin the recovery process as early as 24 hours after processing a claim recovery agreement.

Get a payment in as little as 30 days! 

Contact us to get started.

Contact The Wilson Group at (407) 440-1444 or email support@twgfl.com.

Our representatives are ready to assist you with starting your claim.